The NEBDHub invites students who are part of the National Student Data Corps (NSDC) or COVID Information Commons (CIC) communities to join the Student Portfolio & Network Building (PNB) Group! Together, we’ll explore collaboration opportunities for future data science projects and learn how to build our data science portfolios. Undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in data science are welcome to join PNB meetings, held three times per academic year. The next PNB networking session will be on Friday, June 28th, 2024 at 11:00 AM (ET). June 2024: Peer networking; Explore opportunities for team data science research projectsAugust 2024: Peer networking; Interview prep sessions and resume reviewsJanuary 2025: Peer networking; Building your digital portfolio Register on the CIC Student Working Group site ( to sign up for breakout rooms and get an invitation to the group’s LinkedIn page. Join the NEBDHub Student Networking Group’s LinkedIn Page to develop your global network of peers with similar data science and research interests in between Zoom meeting sessions. Please email with questions.

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