Parents & Families

Family members play a vital role in guiding students toward successful careers, and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers resources to help support students’ professional growth.  You’re invested in your student’s future. We are, too. Help us help your student get where they want to go.

Incorporate career discussions into conversations with students and encourage them to engage with Career Services professionals early in their college experience.

We invite you to provide support and encouragement, while empowering your students to grow and take responsibility for their own career exploration and decision-making process.

Saint Mary’s Career Services provides resources and support for students at every stage of their academic and career journey, including assistance with selecting majors, resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, and access to job and internship opportunities. Career planning begins long before graduation and continues throughout their career, so encourage your student to visit our office and talk to us early and often! Career Services is available from their first day at Saint Mary’s and beyond through life as an alum. The sooner we get to know students, the more we can help them achieve their goals, in college and in their career. 

Below, learn how to support your student’s growth and explore Saint Mary’s wide range of career services for students. And for family members who are employers, learn about opportunities to hire career-ready Cardinals here 

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There are a myriad of …

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Career Resources

With a undergraduate degree, master’s degree, doctorate, diploma, or certificate from more than 70+ academic programs in business and technology, …

Explore alumni earnings data for participating postsecondary institutions for one year, five years, and ten years after graduation. The tool also allows …

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